Thursday, October 6, 2016

Honey Oak to Farmhouse Chic

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Hi everyone! I'm back to show you how I took a little honey oak side table to farmhouse chic with the help of a few of the new products. Let's take a look at what I started with...

This plain table was well built but had zero personality. It's made of oak and therefore had plenty of wood grain that isn't always the best for painting because it's not an overly smooth surface. Now lets take a look at the cast of characters that helped me with the transformation.

Before I started painting, I added a faux drawer to the front of the table to add some interest buy using a scrap piece of wood and some wood glue. To change up the appearance, I used Luna and Hollow Hill from the fall Limited-Edition paint line, a Beeswax Bar, Antiquing and Natural Wax and the newest product in the line up - Texture Powder. 

The Texture Powder is a colourless powder that you mix with equal parts of paint to make a thick paste. You then apply it to any paintable surface using a paintbrush with the "pouncing" method. You can either knock some of the peaks down with a dry paintbrush before it's completely dry or just attack it with some sandpaper at the end of the project like I did.

I wanted to make sure the Texture Powder had a base coat to adhere to so I base coated the table with one coat  Hollow Hill because of glossy surface. I then mixed up some of the Texture Powder with a little more Hollow Hill and just applied it to the areas where I though dirt and dust might settle over the years, or where the oak grain was too prominent. This allowed me to conceal some of the grain lines.

Once the Texture Powder/Hollow Hill mix was completely dry on my table, I heavily rubbed the beeswax bar over the edges and in random spots so that I would get some paint chipping for the final look. I then painted 2 coats of Luna for solid coverage and waited for it to dry before sanding it and watching the magic happen. When the sandpaper hit the table, it ground down the texture peaks and left the base coat of Hollow Hill as well as lifted the Luna off in the areas where I rubbed the beeswax bar to look like paint chipping.

I finished off the table with both Natural Wax and Antiquing wax so that it both protects the piece as well as added the extra touch of aging the table. This chippy table is now ready add to your shabby chic decor :)
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