Sunday, September 25, 2016

Put a little crackle on it...

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Happy Fall All! After a hectic start to September,  I'm back today to show you a project I finished using a couple of the new Country Chic Paint products that were just released. This piano bench looked like someone had started a project but never actually finished it. It was in great shape and a perfect piece to test drive some new goodies :)

First of all I prepped my bench by stripping the top and underside of the bench lid due to thick coats of paint and patchy decoupage on the underside. I then gave everything a quick standing and wiped it down with a damp cloth. I new that I wanted to build up some layers of paint on this so I started out base coating the bench in Liquorice with one of the new Painting Sponges. This little sponge is great for putting on thin layers of paint over both curvy and large flat areas very quickly. In the minute or two that it took to do the entire bench, it was already dry and ready for paint layer number 2! Love it!

I zipped around the edges with the Beeswax Bar in order to make the distressing a little easier later. I then added 2 coats of Vanilla Frosting so that I had some nice solid coverage for the next step...Crackle!

The Crackle Medium is new to the Country Chic line and just what I needed for this bench. I really wanted a natural effect so instead of having the Liquorice show through the cracks, I kept the paint tone on tone so that I could use the Antiquing Wax to highlight the cracks at the end.

I applied the Crackle Medium then I let it dry before adding a thick, haphazard coat of Vanilla Frosting (AIO) combined with Harmony (chalk style). I decided to do this at the last minute so that it would add more colour variation when I tackled this piece with sandpaper to distress it. I was aiming for the "well loved" look and all of these colours together helped me do just that.

Once the thick layer of paint hit the dried crackle medium, the effect started happening almost immediately. It's more fun to watch than paint drying :D. Once everything dried, I added Vanilla Frosting/Water wash over the entire bench to help give the crackles a more aged appearance - almost like it's been painted multiple times over the years.

The last step was to add a French Typography graphic from The Graphics Fairy website and gave the whole thing a good sanding to knock down some of the uneven coats of paint, and to help show the layers. To protect this multi-layered beauty and to show off those fabulous crackles, I added a mix of Antiquing and Natural Wax.

The inside of the bench was in great shape as well, but for some added fun, I lined the bottom with some vintage sheet music.

I'm really pleased with how this turned out and this look is perfect for the person who just wants to slap some paint on and have some fun. You really can't mess this up! :D

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  1. This bench has all the elements I love. It turned out great.


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