Thursday, August 25, 2016

The ART in Camouflage

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Hi everyone! I'm back today with a refreshed vintage sewing cabinet makeover using Country Chic Paint's Liquorice (chalk Style) paint, wood glue, elbow grease and a little bit of ingenuity. Don't let these simple lines throw you, she's a classy gal. Stay tuned for the reveal!

This sewing table came with a dilapidated Kenmore cast iron sewing machine that I promptly removed for ease of working with the table (it weight a ton!). The first thing that I noticed about the table is that it had a large amount of veneer lifting all the way around the top, so I set to work with my wood glue. Once repaired, I tackled the top of the table with some sandpaper and furniture stripper.

It had a some superficial scratches and a few light black marks which I thought that I could sand out so instead of painting the top, I stripped it back to the bare wood. Who was to know that lurking under this unassuming topcoat, were all kinds of evils waiting to appear?

Ahhhh! What is this? Water damage? Burn marks? Not what I bargained for but...oh well... I was on a mission to make this table pretty again so I carried on and stained it anyway. I would figure out some sort of concealment later.

At first I may have cursed, but then I realized that sometimes these things are a blessing in disguise. These marks forced me to stretch my imagination and come up something that ended up taking this table from plain jane to an original, arty piece with some wow factor.

Clock faces and gears anyone? To cover over the marks, I carefully measured and plotted out where they were so that they were sure to be covered when I made up my stencil. Take a look at how this beautiful wood shines even though the surface was once heavily marred by strange marks! The Liquorice paint is such a rich black that it covered over the marks easily and completely modernized the table.

The top was stained with Special Walnut, painted and then sealed with a glossy wipe on poly for both looks and protection. After painting, I waxed the skirting and legs with a mix of Natural and Antiquing Wax and added classy chrome pull. This sewing table is now perfect to use as an occasional table, laptop desk or a bedside table.

I love how just a little bit of paint, completely transformed this little neglected table that might have made it's way to the dump if I hadn't provided a little bit of TLC. So people, today's lesson is - let your imagination soar and your paintbrush fly! :D

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  1. Wow! You're so right, the forced creativity has this piece set apart as something special. Absolutely brilliant! It's a stunning piece. You do seem to have that ability though. 😊
    Of Ruffles and Rifles


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