Thursday, May 26, 2016

Rustic Farmhouse Cabinet

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Happy Thursday! Today I'm breathing some life and colour back into an old fir cabinet. Here is what the cabinet looked like before I started.

This was just a simple cabinet constructed of fir and had a drippy coat of chocolate brown oil paint on it. Some of the cabinet on the interior was never sealed so over time it started to accumulate odors. Before I started the painting I sanded down the drips in the oil paint and did some minor repairs. I then washed it down with soapy water to make sure the surface smells and dust were washed away because let's face it...nobody wants to store things in a smelly cabinet.

Before I painted, I took my Beeswax Distressing Bar and rubbed it along the edges of the cabinet and then lightly into spots on the cabinet that might see some natural wearing over time like at the bottom of the cabinet where things like brooms and vacuums might cause a little damage over the years, etc. I then took my can of Sage Advice (chalk style) and painted every inch of the cabinet to seal the wood and any leftover odors in.

Because I'm not sure what this cabinet will be used for, I sealed the entire interior with Tough Coat so that it stays pristine and so that the wood was entirely sealed to prevent any odors in the future. I really I love working with waxes so I used the Natural Wax on the exterior of the cabinet. This allowed me to keep the existing soft green of the Sage Advice and to have that beautiful buttery smooth finish that makes my heart skip a beat :)

I adore pieces of furniture with a touch of whimsy added to them so I took the opportunity to add some gorgeous coordinating fabric to the backing board. To do this, I removed the backing boar from the cabinet, cut the fabric to size and added some Krylon spray adhesive to permanently adhere it to the back. I then nailed it back on to the cabinet and trimmed up any stray bits of cloth.

I did the same for the drawer liner and added some new black ceramic drawer pulls. This tied the whole piece together and created an updated shabby chic cabinet.

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