Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Red Baron Strikes Once Again!

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Today, I'm back with a bold and fun dresser for you. This waterfall dresser started out with a few veneer blemishes, a chip or two missing from the corners and some structural issues with the drawers but overall, it was in great shape and was the perfect candidate for a fresh new look.

When I buy a piece of furniture for painting, I generally have and idea of what I want to do with it right away but this one left me with a million possibilities. Whenever I come across a waterfall dresser they always seem like a blank canvas because the overall appearance of the dresser is usually fairly plain. Because of this, they are my favourite to add something fun to :)

It just so happened that my package of Country Chic Paints containing a pint of Devotion (chalk style), a pint of Vanilla Frosting (chalk style) and a few other paints arrived the same day that I sat down to watch the Peanuts movie with my daughter. While watching the movie,  I had a "light bulb" moment during the scenes of Snoopy vs the Red Baron in the movie. You see where this is going don't you? ;)

For those of you who may not know, the Red Baron was a German WWI  fighting ace named Manfred von Richthofen who is credited for more that 80 air combat victories before he was finally shot down. He did fly other aircraft but he is widely known for his all red Fokker Dr.1. He was also Snoopy's chief nemesis in the Peanuts movie ;)

Now that the history lesson is over, back to the dresser. Devotion is a beautiful colour. I love red and this is the PERFECT shade of red for me...and also for the Red Baron. Reds in general take more coats of paint to get solid and bright coverage, so I put on 2 coats of Devotion and then an additional 2 coats that were watered down slightly for a smooth finish.

I wanted to make it like the Red Baron was flying right at you so I modified a blue print image of the Fokker Dr.1 and painted it on the dresser with Vanilla Frosting. I kept the original draw pulls to keep with the integrity of the waterfall dresser but painted them in devotion so that they were slightly camouflaged and didn't draw your eye away from the tri-plane.

Once everything was painted, I did a final sanding and put a coat of Antiquing Wax on for protection and to tone down the contrast between the Devotion and Vanilla Frosting paints. This dresser turned out exactly as I was hoping for and would definitely be a statement piece in any room.

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  1. Waterfall dressers are great fun to play with, I think you've done really well with this. Great for a children's room!

  2. Love it--so bright and fun! Thanks for linking up to the Talk of the Town party.

  3. What a fun treatment on this dresser. It looks very, very nice. Another good one.

  4. This dresser is so awesome!! I love that red Devotion color and the airplane across the front is so cool! I'm glad the Peanuts movie inspired you to paint a cool design on this waterfall dresser. I would like to invite you to link it up to Sweet Inspiration Link Party that starts on Friday and runs until Tuesday. Hope to see you there!

  5. Brilliant! I love it!!!! The perfect compliment to a waterfall dresser. Well done!
    Ruffles and Rifles

  6. They say inspiration comes from many places, glad you found yours from Snoopy! I love the image of the plane and the red paint color. Thank you linking up to Talk of the Town. You are my feature pick for this week. Have a great weekend!
    Julie @ Love My Simple Home

  7. Perfectly done! I like how you positioned the plane so it looks like its mid-flight.

  8. Love how you refinished this waterfall dresser! It caught my eye at the Sweet Inspiration Party. Pinning to share.

  9. This is so lovely Kim. I am a huge peanuts fan and of course Snoopy can do no wrong. What great inspiration you had with this one. Love that bold red color and the tilt of the plane. Thank you for accepting our invitation and joining us over at Sweet Inspiration. In order to be considered for a feature we would appreicate a link back of some sort.

  10. Oh my goodness Kim! This dresser is so fun and eye catching! You did an amazing job on it! I will be featuring this sweet piece at Making Broken Beautiful tomorrow morning! Thank you so much for sharing it and joining in the party. You do lovely work! Have a great day!
    The Curator's Collection & Making Broken Beautiful

  11. Love the story and the makeover! It's so striking! Pinning. Thanks for sharing at The Creative Circle.

  12. This is beautiful. I actually don't like the waterfall design, but what you did was amazing! I would buy this piece without blinking.


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