Saturday, February 27, 2016

Seeing Gray

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Hi everyone!  This little rocking chair was another custom painted piece and the paints were mixed specifically to match her nursery. Lazy Linen was too light, Pebble Beach was too dark so this rocker is a half and half mix of both Country Chic paints and came out to such a beautiful grey.

Let me start by showing you the rocker in the "before" stage. My customer had just picked it up from a Facebook Sales group and while it doesn't look too bad from the photo, looks can be deceiving...and were. Trust me on this. The rocker was most likely used outside once upon a time ago and was originally sprayed hunter green and then had a quick and sloppy coat of white oil paint on it that had chipped in various spots. No problem, right? Not for my brand new sander. Well, I was wrong. I tackled it with 220 grit to smooth our the old brush strokes and drips but the friction of the sander actually melted the paint and it clung to my sand paper and balled chunks. I was horrified! With all of the missing oil paint, my vision of a beautiful baby bottom smooth finish deteriorated quickly! Short of stripping this rocker to the bare wood with chemicals I had to figure out another plan.

My client wanted a rustic finish but absolutely no hunter green or white showing through. She wanted it solid grey but somehow old looking so I painted the chair out in my custom mix of greys and then very lightly sanded with 400 grit while holding my breath. It's a whole other ball game when trying to make fresh paint look rustic and NOT sand through the layers of paint. 

Sometimes if you get too vigorous with your wax brush when applying wax, you can remove the paint by accident. Because I wanted to avoid any white coming though I went with the glaze option to highlight all of this nicks and imperfections in this rocker. I picked the Country Chic Paint Graphite glaze because it worked well with the grey without making it appear dirty. It made all the imperfections seem like they were meant to be there and aged the rocker just a bit. The glaze made it go from freshly painted to well loved and a bit more sophisticated.

I finished off the rocker with a top coat of Tough Coat so that I can be used without worrying about the damaging the finish especially since the little guy who will be using it, isn't quite 1 yet. So let the drippy, sippy cups, smashed food and baby goo begin! 

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