Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"E" is for Elephant

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Today I get to bring you something a little bit fun! How about some sweet nursery decor? I recently had a customer contact me with a photo of an adorable nursery sign that featured a baby and mother elephant on it and said "You are the best thing about me". The text was split up among the elephants in various fonts and while she really loved the sign, she wanted to customize it for her baby. She was hoping that I would be able to recreate something similar but but wanted to add an additional elephant, reverse the order of the elephants and text to say "The best thing about us is you" and as well as customize the colours to her nursery.

So far, this is the biggest art piece that I have worked on. Unframed, the base of this wooden sign is 16" x 36" just to give you an idea of the size that she wanted to hang above her crib. Her nursery is done in unfinished wood accents with various shades of grey and light blue so she wanted her sign to coordinate.

To tackle this large piece of art, I broke out some of my Country Chic Paints in the colours: Lazy Linen, Pebble Beach, Cobblestone, Harmony, Simplicity and Icicle. I ended up mixing some of the paints together to get the colors to the matching shades of the computer mock up that I had sent my customer before she confirmed her order. The custom tints worked beautifully! The added benefit of using chalk paints on a piece as large as this instead of acrylics is not having to add as many coats of paint to get the perfect coverage :)

Here is how I mixed the colours to match. The base of the sign was painted with a custom mix of Harmony with just a hint of Pebble Beach to keep with the grey tones. The baby elephant was painted with a mix of Lazy Linen and Simplicity to brighten it a little so it popped against the medium tone background and "Momma" elephant was painted with Pebble Beach with a little bit of Lazy Linen added. "Poppa" elephant was straight up Cobblestone and the text on him was Cobblestone darkened with a bit of black craft acrylic paint which mixed together beautifully. The text on the baby elephant is done with Icicle.

I had so much fun experimenting with these colour mixes! The nursery colours combined together make a very soft and peaceful palette for her new baby and this sweet elephant family will fit right in. Since she wanted to keep the painting simple, I avoided any distressing and went with the Natural wax finish to keep it protected for many years to come.

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  1. This is so adorable! I clicked on it from the talk of the town linky because I thought the elephants looked great in the muted tones. But on closer inspection I saw the text you have added - it made me go awww - v.sweet!

  2. How sweet! This is perfect for a nursery, now that I've seen the text. You did a great job -- and I'm guessing your client was pleased. I saw our link at the Talk of the Town party.

  3. How creative, clever, and adorable! Love the colors, too. Thanks for linking to Friday's Furniture Fix....Susie


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