Sunday, January 31, 2016

I Dared To Try...

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Years ago my parents had restored this Duncan Phyfe style table and had given it to me when I moved into my brother's basement suite. They did a phenomenal job and it really was a beautiful table, but when we bought our house 14 years ago, I never managed to find another spot for it so it sat in the garage. I'm a pack rat by nature and it kills me to get rid of anything sentimental but I have come to the conclusion that I'm never moving (therefore saving myself from ever having to come to terms with my pack rat hoard) so rather than tripping over this table around my workspace anymore, I decided to give it a face lift and sell it.

As much as it pains be to paint beautiful wood, it really was a treat to work on such a lovely surface! If you have ever seen some of the things that I have done it the past, it usually involves saving something from the trash. Now getting back to the paint. Country Chic Paint was giving away free 4oz samples to try so it was the perfect opportunity for me to step outside of my comfort zone. I rarely try new paints because because I love my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and my Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, AND I have splurged in on new paints in the past and have been sorely disappointed.

I chose the colour Lazy Linen and was really impressed at the coverage. Most of you know that when you take a lighter paint to a darker surface, it generally looks awful and you have a horrible sense of foreboding and envision many, many more coats of paint in your future. This stuff mostly covered in one coat and if I was feeling thrifty, I could have gotten away with only a coat and a half. Because I didn't know the capability of the paint, I wasn't willing to risk it so I added a second coat and then added some decorative flowers done in Annie Sloan Old White.

It's a little bit hard to see because I was going for a very understated design, just enough to bring out all of the femininity in this beautiful table. I knew that I would definitely be stocking up on some of these paints as I was sanding the table. The paint sanded down so smoothly, was able to cling well to the areas that I needed it too and allowed me to distress easily with both a wet cloth and 220 grit sand paper. I was also able to thin the paint down with sandpaper for a slightly worn look without all of the paint coming off (which was brave of me because the original surface had a sheen to it and I didn't prep the table with sandpaper beforehand). This is a big thing for me because when I have tested other brands, the paint either comes off completely or refuses to budge so this is a huge win!

If you were on the fence about trying this particular brand of paints then I say splurge away! I still have half of the 4 oz tester pot left after painting 2 coats on this table.  I will definitely be hitting up my local retailer for more colours and I adore the fact the Country Chic company itself is only a 35 minute drive from where I live. As a small business owner I love it when I can support local companies :)

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  1. This table is just beautiful. What a nice addition to any room.


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