Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sassy Red Bench

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I'm not sure why I thought today would be a good day for extra LARGE photos, but I decided to take it for a test run ;) I'm not sure what you see on your end, but between my laptop, my iPad and the company that hosts my blog design, my entire blog always looks a little different to me every time I log on :/ That said, the last time I looked at my blog, I thought that I needed to adjust my glasses prescription because the photos looked so tiny.

Anyway, on with the bench. I found this rather bland wooden bench and decided it was in desperate need of a makeover and I had some ideas ready for it before it even reached my house. Mr. PPS was kind enough to pick it up for me so that gave me a chance to play with some colour choices. I had planned on going with Typewriter from the Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint line but found that I didn't have enough in the pouch to even attempt it so I opted to go bold with red :)  I had a tester pot of And Your Little Dog Too from the Van Gogh Fossil Paint line so I thought that I would try it....needless to say I quickly threw in the towel with that one as it was almost translucent with 2 coats of paint on! Back to the drawing board with Tricycle Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint.

As you can see from the seller's picture above, that the stain on the bench was quite dark so I figured that adding 2 coats of red paint would be perfect. Boy, was I ever wrong! In the end it took 5 coats of red on that glossy wooden surface, a plethora of colourful language, a million spindles, hours and hours of painting and a sore arm later, she was ready for her wooden slats.

Now before I even tackled this bench with my brush, it needed a little TLC due to it being a bit wobbly so Mr. PPS took the entire bench apart and re-glued it. I decided to take it a bit further and add the wooden slats instead of an upholstered seat to both secure it further and to add some rustic flair. I'm pretty sure Mr. PPS and myself could dance a jig on this and it wouldn't even flinch under our combined weight now :D

This bench now has a new home in a lovely couples kitchen as part of their dining set :)

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  1. Kim, you did such a great job (as always) of making this bench come to life. I love it, and I'm not even a red loving person. And I have to say, your little Chickaloon, AK Post Office sign made me laugh. Did you make it or purchase it? I looks perfect on the bench, but it's a little dot on the map that is within 30 min of where I live. Small world. Kinda funny. Anyhow, glad you had such a fantastic summer, and I'm thrilled to be following your creative furniture outpouring again! -Cheryl @rufflesandrifles.com

  2. Sweet bench makeover! I love the color and adding the plank boards to the seat is the icing on the cake. Very nice.
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  3. I giggled when I saw the sign, just as Cheryl did - I too am about 30 minutes from there and love it. I'd also like to know if you made it or found it. I may just create something similar for a gallery wall I'm putting together in my own home! :) www.DustBunniesAndDogToys.com

  4. What an amazing transformation! You can hardly even se that its the same bench! Love the color! Very bold:)
    I saw your link up over at The Curators Colletction, by the way;)


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