Sunday, August 9, 2015

Now where was I...?

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Whoosh! That right there was my summer flying by! It's been so long since I have posted and look at that! The summer is halfway over already! A few things have been happening around here since I posted last, mainly I did my first market. It was a fabulous experience and I learned a few things along the way for next year, like to bring a million little items with me! My booth mostly consisted of furniture (because I had a garage full of it and only about a month to paint it all) and it looked pretty good to me up until around 11 am when people returned to pick up some of the pieces that they had purchased. It was fantastic to see all of their happy faces when they left but I had a fairly sparse booth shortly there after.

Before the market opened I had a chance to visit with some of the other vendors who had beautiful displays and were wonderful with giving last minute advice for this market newbie :) I am a visual learner so to see all of the market setups was a huge step for me to know what to bring and how to do my displays, and I learned that it doesn't hurt to decorate your booth ;)

*Confession: I never attend markets. I know....I said it. Yup, I love to dream about them but never actually make it to any of them so what I expected going into was learned online! Ha! I will admit that my bestie with whom I would love to attend markets with usually works part of the weekend and that leaves me with shopping with my kiddos who hate to go and the Mister. Although I love him have heard the expression shopping with your husband is like going hunting with the game warden? Yeah, that's him alright so I usually leave him at home ;)

Some other things that have been happening around here have been family camping trips :) After working on the studio and prepping for the market, I opted to take some time out and spend it here:

For those of you who don't know, I live on Vancouver Island. My family owns some vacation property on another little island called Quadra Island which is only a 10 minute ferry ride from Vancouver Island. It's beautiful, relaxing and just what I needed :)

I've also been busy with planning my workshops and I thought that I would take a moment to share a few fun facts about me:

1. My creativity takes me everywhere! Some of the things I dabble in besides home decor and furniture up cycling are: quilting, stained glass, embroidery, paper crafting, sign making, crocheting, water colour painting, floral designing and graphic designing.

2. I am a floral designer by trade. If you have purchased any floral designs or wreaths from a local-to-me big box arts and crafts store within the last 2 1/2 years, then there is very good chance that it was one of my creations :)

3. I was an avid stamper for many years and designed cards for various rubber stamp companies for the purpose of advertising their goods.

 4. I used to illustrate stamps and frequently blogged my card creations :) You can see some of them here

5. I love to learn! I'm self taught in most everything I do and have spent many hours enjoying the process of creating things by trial and error until I get it just right :)

So, with all of that said, you can bet that I will be offering a variety of classes that may or may not involve paint and I hope to see you all at some of them!

And lastly, I have been working on a few painted pieces that I will be showing you in some of my upcoming posts so stay tuned :)

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